Identity Design


Identity design for the burkeANDstock shop which sells personalized handmade goods made by Megahn Burke.

logo signature
alternate signature

The identity was designed to represent and live on various types of handmade goods with a focus on crochet.


The logo signature consists of a logomark created by a lowercase “b” made of a crochet needle and “s” shaped yarn. The logotype features serifs that reflect the shape of a crochet needle tip.

etching alternate
product tags

A third alternate logo was designed specifically for etching into different sizes of leather product tags that could display the logomark at various scales without losing its integrity.

brand palette

The multiple color identity palette serves to accent the logo and enforce the idea of personalized goods — any item or way you want it to be! The organic nature of the sans serif typography creates contrast with the logotype & presents a clean brand image.

standard stitch duotone
basket weave duotone
waffle stitch duotone

Photograms (camera-less images) using Megahn’s various stitch patterns colorized as duotones serve as a graphic element — creating a sense of texture and bridging the gap between the online store and physical products.